Q. What Anatomy and Chemistry courses qualify for this program? 

A. ASATT will accept Anatomy I, II, and General Chemistry transcripts with a C or higher from any regionally accredited college or university taken within the last seven (7) years. If you took these courses more than 7 years ago, you must take them again to qualify for the program. Third party programs such as Straighterline are not considered accredited and will not be accepted. 

Q. I have more than 5 years' experience as nurse/ER Tech/etc., but not as an Anesthesia Tech. Do I qualify for this program?

A. No. This program is for those with experience in the field of Anesthesia Technology only. 

Q. What if my experience is not concurrent or is from several different employers? 

A. ASATT will review any available and validated job experience in the field of Anesthesia Technology on a case-by-case basis, as long as it meets the 5 or 7 year requirement. Proof of employment must be provided by your current or former employer's HR department. 

Q. What is a Level 1, Level 2, or Tertiary Center?

A. The different levels refer to the trauma designation of your institution. Please see this link for the guidelines which ASATT refers to when making this distinction. 

Q. How do I get 40 CEUs that follow the topical guidelines listed in the PEP Brochure? 

A. ASATT offers several continuing education options through our Sensor Quizzes, Quarterly Webinars, and Annual Conference. If you are looking for additional options, please feel free to reach out to some of the programs listed in our Approved Schools section, as they may offer continuing ed courses. Please note, if you are participating in a virtual CE program that is not provided by ASATT, due to ASATT policy we cannot accept more than 5 virtual third-party CEUs per day.  Additionally, All non-ASATT CEUs are subject to a review fee (exceptions to this rule include AHA, Red Cross, and anesthesia-related courses from accredited colleges/universities). Review fees are listed here.