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Delbert Macanas, Sr., Cer.A.T.T.

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Howzit Everyone!!!

Spring is in the air…It’s my favorite season of the year because it’s the beginning of Major League Baseball, baseball season. I spent so much of my life around baseball, having played or coached for over 50 years. One of the points that I tried to instill in the players that I coached, “give back to a community when you’re older”. Coach the youth in a community of your choice and both of my sons are now coaching baseball, one in Seattle and the other in Los Angeles. That makes me a proud Daddy…

Unfortunately, many of you are still experiencing severe winter weather. Please try keep yourselves safe, warm, and dry. The weather has been really different, that’s for sure. We just visited southern California and we have visited many times and experienced cold weather, but the rain was unbelievable. We were there for 10 days and it rained on six of them. I wish better weather for everyone from here on out.

“Where you go, no matter the weather,
Always bring your own sunshine.”
~Anthony J. D’Angelo ~

The 2023 ASATT Annual Educational Meeting will be held on October 19th -21st, at the Pasadena Hilton in Pasadena, CA. This will be the second time that the meeting will be held at this venue. It’s a great place to have the meeting that’s walking distance to many places to dine and establishments to have cold drinks at the end of the day. Please start making plans to attend the meeting. It will be ASATT’s second live meeting post pandemic. President Bryan Fulton is working hard to coordinate a great meeting for continuing education. Because of family priorities I could not attend the Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas last year. So, I’m really looking for seeing old friends/peers that I haven’t seen since the meeting in Orlando. But, I’m also looking forward to meeting new peers and making new friends. As I have said before education is a critical aspect of everyone providing patient care. It’s the reason we can improve our patient care skills. Last, I look forward to sitting with and communicating with our board of directors instead of on our computer skills and iPads.

“Teamwork – The combined action and effort of a group to achieve a common goal in an effective and efficient way.”
~ Unknown ~

2023 is the election year for the Region 7 Director. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming the Regional Director please visit the website for further information of email me with you questions and concerns. Before you nominate someone, please contact the person to verify that he or she is interested in being nominated for the position. But, the first qualification of this person MUST be a member of ASATT in good standing.

We’re still looking at the possibility of coordinating a live meeting in Region 7. Please email or contact me if you would be willing to support a live meeting in the region.

This is repeated message because we may have a competing society. ASATT is the society that will help our profession grow and move forward into the future. I know ASATT’s plan WILL NOT make everyone happy, but you must look at the overall direction that our profession is headed. Many of you have not been around as long as I have… I remember the days before we even had the National Certification and we had nothing. This has been a long hard journey to get to where we are now, there are no short cuts. Things haven’t always been smooth sailing and we are still headed through rough seas ahead. There is no easy way to get to where we want to go. There will be some extremely hard decisions to be made and they are making these decisions with careful consideration to improve our profession. There’s only a small percentage of our peers that have been in this profession >30 years like I have. As I have said before… We are laying the foundation for future generations of Anesthesia Technicians & Technologist and we MUST continue to grow and build this together.

“The strength of the team is each member.
The strength of each member is the team.”
~ Phil Jackson ~



Delbert Macanas, Sr., Cer.A.T.T.
Region 7 Director

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