ASATT’s mission is to positively affect healthcare and educational standards for the field of anesthesia technology, and as a result, raise the quality of patient care by providing a safe and positive anesthetic environment.


Our vision is to prepare our members to meet allied health professional standards and to be a well-trained, integral member of the anesthesia care team.

Values through which our Mission and Vision are achieved:Goals

ASATT endeavors to:

  • Encourage the highest standards of professional conduct and patient care by anesthesia support personnel.
  • Support opportunities for professional development education and growth to our members.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of challenges and issues related to the profession.
  • Collect information relating to the profession and disseminate it to members and the public.
  • Represent and act for the profession before all departments and agencies of the government and other organizations whose activities affect the profession, but not, however, to act in the capacity of an attorney or legal advisor.
  • Contribute to the progress and advancement of the profession in every lawful manner, promote the welfare of the Anesthesia Technologists’ and Technicians’ profession, and enhance its contribution to the public.


Early in its history, ASATT was formed in California in 1986 as a state-based society. From these humble beginnings, the American Association of Anesthesia Technologies and Technicians was incorporated in the State of California on October 27, 1986. On September 12, 1988, after a change to the organization’s Bylaws were voted into effect, the Articles of Incorporation were amended to reflect a name change to the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians, the name by which ASATT has continued to operate to today.

Peter Chase is credited as the “associate founder” of ASATT. The first official annual Board of Directors meeting was held at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 21, 1990. The first official action according to the minutes of that meeting was for Peter Chase to introduce Dennis McMahon as the first-elected President of ASATT.

In its early years, the membership largely reflected its west coast origins, with leadership representatives and members primarily living and working in California and Washington State. It would not be long, however, before ASATT grew and expanded its membership and influence to a national level. Today, ASATT represents over 1,500 members nationally and internationally.

In 1996 ASATT established a nationally-recognized certification program, which works to advance a national standard of excellence in requisite knowledge in the field of anesthesia technology, offering the first examination in May of that year. In addition, the Society offers a broad array of accredited continuing education offerings and professional support for anesthesia technologists and technicians with programs designed to enhance clinical skills, ensure safety standards and maintain professional certifications. Adding in the establishment of professional standards and career guidance for our members, ASATT has taken the lead to build a professional peer network where members and others in the field can share knowledge and expertise.