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How to take the National Certification Exam

The ASATT exam is administered via secure computerized testing at Meazure Learning contracted assessment centers geographically distributed throughout the United States. The following steps outline the application process:

1. The candidate completes and submits an application and appropriate fee when the eligibility requirements are satisfied. The ASATT reserves the right to verify information supplied by or on behalf of a candidate. An application is considered complete only if: 1) all information requested is complete 2) all information is legible and accurate 3) the candidate is eligible for the examination and 4) the appropriate fee accompanies the application.

Required information includes:

- personal information and signature
- indication of eligibility for examination via
             - copy of diploma and/or certificate of completion
             - signed Transcript of Clinical Experience

- submission of the applicable fees; include ASATT membership number to establish appropriate fee.


2. The application is processed, and a confirmation notice of eligibility is sent to the candidate within approximately two weeks. If a confirmation notice is not received within three weeks, the applicant MUST contact ASATT at 414-295-9220. The confirmation of a candidate’s eligibility and acceptance of the application is valid for 90 days. A candidate who fails to schedule an appointment and complete the examination within the 90-day period forfeits the application and all fees paid to take the examination. A complete application and examination fee are required to reapply for the examination. An applicant can take the exam three times. If the applicant fails the exam after three attempts they must wait 12-months before reapplying to take the exam.

3. Meazure Learning will send approved candidates a Notice to Schedule (NTS) via email, which will provide a username, password, and any additional information needed to schedule the testing appointment. Approved candidates will select a testing session from a list of available testing centers by geographic location, test date, and available seating. You must submit your test scheduling request at least four business days prior to your preferred test date. Most testing centers will have morning and afternoon testing sessions available. Meazure Learning will do its best to accommodate the requested test site and date. Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, based on test center availability, so it is to your advantage to schedule your test appointment as soon as you receive your NTS.

You will be notified of the exact test location, date, and time via a confirmation email. You must bring your printed email confirmation with you to the test site.

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National Certification Examination Committee