Following are publications that should be included in your study for the ASATT Certification examination.

Current Recommended books for the Technologist Level Certification Examination:

Anesthesia Equipment; Principles and Applications - By Eisenkraft and Ehrenworth – 2nd Edition (2013) Elsevier

Clinical Anesthesia - By Barash, Cullen and Stoelting7th Edition (2013) Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Morgan and Mikhail's Clinical Anesthesiology - By Butterworth, Mackey and Wasnick –5th Edition (2013) McGraw Hill

MGH Textbook of Anesthetic Equipment - By Sandberg, Urman and Ehrenfeld – 1st Edition (2011) Elsevier

Nurse Anesthesia - By Nagelhout –6th Edition (2016) Elsevier

Standards for Perioperative Autologous Blood Collection - By AABB – 5th Edition (2013)

Anesthesia Equipment - By Dorsch and Dorsch – 1st Edition (2011) – Newer Edition!

Anesthesiology By Morgan, Makhail and McMurray – 5th Edition (2013) Certification Handbook for Technologists


The test writing committee has also updated the general reading lists, and periodicals of interest.

General Reading

S.A.: ASA Handbook of Hospital Facilities for the Anesthesiologist. ASA. Park Ridge, IL 1984

Understanding Anesthesia Equipment, Construction, Care and Complications By Dorsch and Dorsch - 5th Edition (2008) – Newer Edition!

Clinical Anesthesia by Barash, Cullen and Stoelting – 5th Edition (2005)

Anesthesiology by Morgan, Makhail and McMurray – 5th Edition (2013)

American Association of Blood Banks, Guidelines for Blood Savings and Reinfusion in Surgery and Trauma (1997)

Comprehensive Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation, Quaal - 2nd Edition (1993)

Critical Care Pharmacotherapy, Wilkins and Wilkins

Clinical Application of Blood Gases Shapiro, Peruzzi and Templin – 5th edition (1994)

Bowie E. & Huffman L: The Anesthesia Machine: Essentials for Understanding. Ohmeda Corp., Madison, WI 1985

Carr JJ & Brown JM: Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology. Wiley. NY. [4th Edition – 5/200]

Geddes LA & Baker LE: Principles of Applied Biomedical Instrumentation. Wiley. New York. [3rd Edition – 1989

Clinical Monitoring, Practical Applications for Anesthesia and Critical Care, Carol Lake, Roberta L. Hines & Cases D. Blitt, 1st. Edition, 2001. New

Meeker H & J. Rothrock: Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery. Mosby. [13th Edition 11/2007]

Kaplan J (ed): Cardiac Anesthesia. Grune & Stratton. New York [4th Edition 8/2007]

Mulroy MF: Regional Anesthesia: An Illustrated Procedural Guide. Little Brown & Co. Boston. 1989 [3rd Edition 6/2002]

Ward CS: Anesthetic Equipment: Physical Principles and Maintenance. Bailliere Tindall. London 1985 [5th Edition – 2005]

Webster JG (ed): Medical Instrumentation. Houghten-Mifflen 1978 [3rd Edition 1/2007]


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