Greetings y'all!

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Welcome to the beginning of summer! A lot has changed from one year to another. We have all gone thru some changes in our profession. Some more than others. I ask that all of you reach out to your fellow techs and check on them. Especially the one that have been dealing with the hotzones. Just because it may be lessening, does not mean that their stress levels have decreased. They will need your prayers, thoughts and a friendly little note.

But we will endure. That is the way.

I hope all of y’all are taking care of yourselves during this time. Wash your hands, get some exercise and sunshine, try to eat healthier and drink plenty of water. I hope this message finds you well.

We at ASATT are working to provide you with CE’s to ensure that you will have what you need to recertify at the end of the year.

I am very proud to present our first Virtual Meeting on June 13, 2020! This will be approximately 1 hour in length, interactive and available for members only. The cost will be $10 for 1 CE. There will be a limit of 100 attendees. This will also be recorded and available on ASATT ACADEMY for anyone who was not able to attend the live Virtual Meeting.

And as an ASATT member, your CE will be automatically stored in our database. This will be the same for every CE that you earn thru ASATT ACADEMY. Webinars, Virtual Meetings, Single CE’s and Sensor quizzes. This is what we at ASATT have planned for members. Getting the education to you in an easier fashion.

How will this affect regional meetings?

Actually, this will help the members immensely. All of the ASATT Regional Directors are on board with this idea. We put our heads together and came up with a solution for a replacement of the Regional Meetings. We are developing Virtual Regional Meetings. This way you have many more options than before. No travel, no hotel, no taking time off of work. You will have the ability to either be there live or take it later individually.

How will this affect the National Education Conference?

Currently, we are looking at all of the projected models and developing several scenarios depending on what is currently happening. But you all will be notified once a decision is made.

Do you or someone you know, would like to become part of ASATT?

Elections for Regional Directors in regions 2, 4, 6, Secretary, Treasurer and President-Elect are up for re-election this year.

Greg Farmer, Cer.A.T.
ASATT President


The American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians is a professional entity with an overall focus on further establishing the health profession in anesthesia technology.

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Hello Everyone!

Greetings y'all!

Welcome to the beginning of summer! A lot has changed from one year to another. We have all gone thru some changes in our profession. Some more than others. I ask that all of you reach out to your fellow techs a ...

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ASATT has seven regional territories throughout the country, each with a designated Director, that work to provide opportunities and education for those working in the field or for individuals who are interested in advancing their careers.

ASATT membership is based on a calendar year membership term, which runs from August 1-July 31. Membership dues are pro-rated based on when an application is submitted. Please note that ASATT does not accept renewals or joins during Recertification which takes place the months of November and December.