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Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.


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Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.

Aloha ka kou

Hawaii meeting was a success. I’d like to thank all the vendors and Delbert for putting on another amazing meeting. If you haven’t experienced a Hawaii meeting I’d highly suggest that you do. Delbert has been doing this for 20 plus years and it’s by far one of the best every year.  We had a hands on lecture about trouble shooting and checking anesthesia machines.

Want more meetings? Meetings in your area? Meetings that fit your schedule? Help me and your fellow anesthesia techs by hosting one. Just a few things that we need to get started.

  1. We need a date.
  2. We need a location
  3. We need some speakers. You’ll find out that some of your providers are more than willing to lend their time for the sake of education.
  4. We need vendors. Vendors help sponsor the cost of the meetings.
  5. The rest is details and we can talk about them as they come up.

Sounds difficult? Let’s start with the first step and go from there.

Benefits to hosting a meeting in your area. Free admission to

How can I get free CEU’s?


-**Host a meeting free CEU’s and free admission to conference

-*Create a presentation on a topic relevant to the

Anesthesia Technician Content Outline 2 CEU

-*Present a topic at an ASATT Regional or Annual meeting. 1 CEU

Contact me for more information

*Must be submitted during recertification to earn credit.**Contact your Region Director for more details.

Annual Conference on October 22nd-26th in Orlando, Florida.  Be sure to put in for time off and sign up ASAP for early bird registration special rates.

When you see me there make sure you throw out one Shaka and say hi. Looking forward to meeting all of you there.

Gig Harbor,

We coming for you next August 10th 2019.

My question to region 7

What’s your process for hand off in your area/hospital? Is the hand off sufficient, information wise? Time wise? Safety?




 Dr. David Rietz’s ultimate honor of ASATT’s Region 7 educational award came after his untimely death, but he deserved the award every day over the 14 years I and many others worked with him. He was a huge advocate for education. Every staff member and student gained knowledge working with Dave Rietz, getting quizzed about the procedure he was about to do. My favorite question was: What is Poiselle’s law and how does it apply to an IV catheter size? Look it up and learn from him! He held early morning classes and helped eight anesthesia technicians including myself get certified. Dave was even discussing the possibility of an anesthesia technology program at the local university since an orthopedic surgeon and friend of his became dean of the medical programs. His wife, Susie Rietz, accepted the award on his behalf. The award now stands in our OR as a call for others to teach and improve those around them, patient and coworker alike.

Thank you,

James Sivigny

St. Vincent Hospital

Billings Montana.



Justin Akamine, Cer.A.T.
Region 7 Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.