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Delbert Macanas, Sr., Cer.A.T.T.


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Delbert Macanas, Sr., Cer.A.T.T.

Howzit Region 7!!!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday season, made new memories, and took a lot of pictures to document the good times.  As I said before… Winter will continue to be with us for a while and many of you will endure colder temperatures.  Stay warm, drive carefully, and be safe.

“Whenever I think of the past,

it brings back so many memories.”

~ Stephen Wright ~

But, the holidays are over and let’s get back to business.  There was a mad rush to get recertified and many of you experienced some difficulties.  But if you had earned most of your CE’s through an ASATT “sponsored” meeting, it should have made it a lot easier since these CE’s go straight to the ASATT database.  (ASATT member benefit

There are many of you who are only members during the year you need to re-certify, those CE’s don’t get recorded onto the database.  This option doesn’t make sense to me because if you attend an ASATT “sponsored” meeting during this off year, you’re generally paying double what a member pays for registration.  The double registration fee will pay for your annual membership.  Further, if you use the two year membership registration it will save you additional cost. 

Region 7 is looking at having a very productive year in 2020.  As in years past, we are the regional leader in providing educational opportunities for our members.  Remember knowledge and education is something that CAN’T be taken away from you.  The smarter you are and more knowledgeable you are the better an Anesthesia Technician or Technologist you are.  But, first and foremost, the better you are the better you are to help provide excellent patient care.  The anesthesia provider will definitely appreciate your assistance too.  When I attended the ASA in October, we got more Anesthesiologist’s telling us how they LOVE their Anesthesia Technicians & Technologists.  Please don’t be the AT or ATT that some are complaining about for different reasons… 

“Knowledge is like money:

To be of value it must circulate,

and in circulating it can increase in quantity and,

hopefully in value.”

~ Louis L’Amour ~

But, please don’t forget the local area societies like the Northwest Society of Anesthesia Technologists & Technicians and the others in the area where you reside.  They have done a great service to our members in the Pacific Northwest with continuing education opportunities.  But, you must also remember, if you attend one of these meetings, ASATT is NOT responsible for your certificate of attendance and the CE’s that MAY come with the meeting. 

We want to support the NWSATT and other like them, but we must continue to organize CE meeting for our professional organization.  ASATT is the society that will help our profession move forward into the future.  As I mentioned before, there are a number of projects ongoing to help our profession.  Please support and help our efforts.  If you want to earn free CE’s and coordinate a meeting, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  Remember… It’s not easy, but it’s not hard. 

 “You are always responsible for how you act,

no matter how you feel.

Remember that!!!

Region 7 Educational Meetings

Soon to be finalized – Saturday, February 29th in Salem, OR.  Watch the website for details.

Potential Meetings;

Bellevue, WA – Overlake Hospital – Spring

Bend, OR – Summer

Honolulu, HI – August

Seattle, WA – Fall

Portland, OR – December

Start planning to attend our Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, TX.  It will be held at the Hilton Fort Worth, September 10-12, 2020.  We’re also exploring extra CE opportunies on Thursday & Sunday, September 13th.  There’s further discussions about “thinking outside the box” to expand the CE chances to maximize your attendance to the Annual Meeting.  We have some “pilot” ideas being discussed and are in the planning stages.  If you start planning now you may be able to save additional cost to attend the meeting.  Find a partner to share a room that will cut your hotel room cost in half.  This Annual meeting is unique to our profession… Networking with your peers is priceless.  

"Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes."

~ Ronald Burt ~

Let’s continue to keep Region 7 the leader in ASATT and help us move our profession forward.  As I have said before… We are laying the foundation for future generations of Anesthesia Technicians & Technologist and we MUST build this together

“Unity is strength…

when there is teamwork and collaboration,

wonderful things can be achieved.”

~ Mattie Stepanek ~

Again… Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving all of you in Region 7.


Aloha, Delbert


Delbert Macanas, Sr., Cer.A.T.T.
Region 7 Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.