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Jonnalee Geddis, Cert.A.T.


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Jonnalee Geddis, Cer.A.T.

Hello Region 1,


First, I think this picture says it all. We can NEVER forget this day of infamy. It will be forever imbedded in our hearts. Because it happened in Region 1. I know in my heart that it affected so many people who cared for and lost loved ones on this day horrific day. I want those of you whom it personally affected to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers on this day and so many other countless days.

Congratulations to Dodie Krambeck who is the winner of our Regional Educational Award this year. Dodie hosted one of the Region 1 meetings this year. I believe this is her third meeting that she has hosted at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Mass. I am quite sure that she will be present in Orlando to accept her award. So happy to be able to present this award to such a deserving recipient of this. She is always going above and beyond to make sure that she goes above the bar to make sure that her meetings are top notch and settles for nothing less. Thank you Dodie. Well Deserved.

Good news is that I am going to be your Region 1 Director for another two years. I am here to hear your concerns and help you however I can. My goal for my next term is to increase membership and activity within Region 1. I want to see more meetings, size of the meetings is great, however more small meetings are even better. We need to help the membership get their CEU’s. That is the one question I hear most is “How do I get the CEU’s that I need for my recertification?” My answer is…..Host a meeting or you can offer to do a lecture at a meeting for a coworker that wants to do a meeting and let us help them get the credits that we all need. It can be a half day, a full day or two days of lectures.

 If you want more information on what you need to do to host a Region 1 Meeting, send me an email and we can start planning your meeting. Fall Meetings are always successful as people are realizing that recertification time is getting closer. I would love to get at least one more if not two or three meetings in before the end of the year. The only week that I cannot do a meeting is in October, as I will be at ASATT’s Annual Educational Conference in Orlando. It is just that one week, so I will have the rest of the month open. Send me an email or call me and we can start the process now to get the meeting’s set up. I do a good share of the work, don’t get me wrong. You will have to do some of the work, like pick a date, get a place to have the meeting, get speakers to volunteer their time and speak to your vendors. Set up what you think what people will want for snacks or for breakfast or for lunch. ASATT will pay for everything, you will pay for NOTHING.  

The meeting that I was hoping for in December is not going to happen, however if you would like to fill that spot on the calendar that would be a great time to have a meeting. The members would put you up on a pedestal, It would definitely be a great hit. Great chance for Technicians and Technologists to get a last chance to get the CEU’s that they need for recertification.

2019 ASATT Annual Conference

October 22-24, 2019

Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive

Orlando, FL


Don’t miss out on a lot of fun at the parks and the meetings. We will keep your day full of fun facts and information that you can take back to your places of employment. You will also get to meet a lot of new friends. The networking that is done at the National Meetings is beyond what you would expect. I have received some great ideas, opened doors and met some very dear friends just by introducing your self to some Anesthesia Techs from around the world and from other areas of the United States. There is no limit to what we can do with our education whether it be at our current job or even open doors of opportunity for you. I read a quote once and the author is unknown but just think about this for a minute….  “If a door shuts in front of you stop banging on it. Whatever was behind it was not meant for you. Consider the fact that maybe that door closed because you were worth so much more.”

It is never too early to start earning CE’s for recertification and by hosting a meeting or volunteering to lecture at a meeting can earn you CE’s your options are unlimited. There are numerous websites that offer CE’s you just have to be VERY cautious as to whether they will be accepted by ASATT for recertification. If it says “ASATT Approved” and you are a member then you do not need to worry. ASATT will keep track of your CE’s for you. Just go onto the website and check your profile and you will see how many CE’s you need.

When you are ready to recertify

There are 3 possible ways to recertify.

  1. You have all your credits on file in the database and want to pay online.
  2. You need to submit CE’s and want to Upload and pay online.
  3. You want to submit manually with a check or credit card payment by either email or mail. Recertification cannot be submitted via fax.

1. ASATT Members who have all their CE’s on file in the database and would like to pay with a credit card.

  • Login and go to the Membership tab and click on Profile.
  • Once in your profile, scroll down to your certification information, if you have all your CE’s on file and are due to recertify, you’ll see a button You can recertify today and a button with the recertification fee. Click on that
  • Enter your credit card information and hit submit. You’ll get a thank you for recertifying screen, and the payment receipt will be emailed along with a recertification letter.

*Even if you have all your CE’s on file you still need to go through the recertification process.

2. Recertify online. Need to submit CE’s (upload). *Do Not do part of the process. If you will not be uploading documents, do not pay online. Submit payment and documentation together by mail, or email. *Recertification cannot be submitted via fax.

If you want to see how to proceed go to the home page and you will see where it says, click here for screen shots of the process.

For members to get the member rate please make sure your membership is current.  Paying for membership should have been done ahead of time and cannot be done at the time you are recertifying.  For non-members recertifying online, during the recertification period you have been granted access to log into the ASATT website to submit.  When logging in use your email address for the user ID and then click I forgot my password and a temporary password will be emailed to you. 

  • Login in to the Recertification page
  • Once logged in your contact information will populate the form. Make sure all required cells are filled.
  • Scroll down to the program details section and enter CE’s. Make sure to list the date the CE’s were earned, the name of the CE or Program, Click if a certificate was issued or other documentation, list the number of CE’s earned and upload supporting certificates or documents. Click “Add Another” for each entry.
  • Once you are done entering CE’s click “Submit Request”
  • That will take you to the credit card payment form. After entering the credit card information click “Continue to Pay Online”.
  • If payment was successful you’ll receive a confirmation screen that payment was received and your submission has been sent to the Recertification Committee for review. (This does not mean you have been approved only that its under review)
  • Once approved by the Recertification Committee the database will be updated and a recertification letter will be sent.

*Once you start the online submission please complete, you will not be able to go back in. Also only use online submission if paying with a credit card.

3. If submitting recertification manually with a check, mailing, or emailing. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . *Recertification cannot be submitted via fax.

  • Print the recertification application form and proceed to completely fill out the application. Credit Card form if you would like to pay with a credit card
  • Members Login  and print off your recertification information. Go to the Membership tab and click on Profile, print ASATT profile. You must submit a copy of your information regardless of whether or not you have earned CE’s through ASATT sponsored events. Non-Members Submit form with proof of CE's
  • Enclose the recertification application form, a copy of your recertification information from the database, proof of the remaining CE’s (if you don’t have the required 20 or 30 CE’s on the database), and correct payment for recertification. If you are mailing your packet after December 31st, be sure to include the late payment fee.


For those who are due to recertify this year, the recertification period will begin November 1st, and we will be sending out an email reminder with instructions on recertifying. As in the past, if you have all your CE’s on file in the database you will be able to recertify online by logging into the website and going to your member profile. You will only be able to log into the site if your membership is active. So if your membership has expired and you want to recertify at the member rate make sure to renew your membership by the end of October. For those who have to submit CE’s with your recertification the preferred method will be to upload your documents online. By choosing this method you will also be able to pay online as well. Also note starting this year we will not be accepting recertification applications via fax.

Once again, we’ll be sending out the recertification reminder the beginning of November. It will have the detailed instructions for submitting your recertification information.  This information will also be listed on the ASATT website. There will be no membership renewals or joins during the months of November or December, so make sure if your membership has expired to renew by the end of October.  



As a reminder, beginning this year we will not accept renewals or joins during the months of November and December, so make sure you renew your membership by the end of October. We have also added the option for a 2-year membership at the cost of $150.00 saving you $20 over the two-year period. You will still have the option for the 1-year membership at $85 if you choose.  If you have any questions, contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can always email or call me.



Jonnalee Geddis, Cer.A.T.

Region 1 Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.